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WETT Inspection Trained Technician

Call our Licensed professional Calgary chimney sweeper before winter arrives. Your safety is top of mind, find an appointment time for your next chimney cleaning.

We focus on wood-burning fireplaces because they account for 25% of home heating fires. Did you know that the leading factor contributing to home heating fires is the failure to clean chimneys and not cleaning wood burning fireplace appliances regularly.

WETT Inspections Available

Tout’Sweep Chimney Sweeper proudly serves the Bragg Creek area, NW & SW Calgary, and Cochrane.

Our values include Honesty, integrity, and professionalism are the core values of Tout’Sweep Chimney Sweepers. We have your health in mind during every chimney cleaning appointment.

Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. is a non-profit training and education association that provides professional training & promotes the safe and effective use of wood-burning systems in Canada.

calgary chimney sweeper
calgary chimney sweeper

Protecting Your Family and Your Investment

Calgary Chimney Sweeper Focused On Your Safety

  • Nearly half (48%) of all home heating fires occur in December, January, and February.
  • Keep in mind, the only safe chimney is a CLEAN chimney. To achieve this, it is recommended to have your chimney cleaned once per year by a certified chimney technician.

The National Fire Code of Canada states:

  • That every chimney, flue, and flue pipe shall be inspected to identify any dangerous condition at intervals no greater than 12 months.
  • The presence in a chimney of deposits of soot or creosote in excess of 3mm thick will indicate the need for immediate cleaning.

Tidy Chimney Sweeper At Your Service

  • Local chimney cleaning company, We are tidy and reliable chimney sweepers
  • We can help you with a WETT inspection and chimney sweep in SW & NW Calgary.