Why do I need a chimney inspection?

The Fire Code requires all chimney, flues, and flue pipes be inspected at least every 12 months. Factory built fireplace and solid fuel appliance manufacturers require annual inspections and service to maintain their limited warranties.

How long does a chimney sweep take?

On average, the chimney technician typically takes an hour to an hour and a half to finish the job. This time might vary on individual systems.

We work diligently, quickly, and safely to ensure best practices of our team and yourself.

Meet insurance requirements

Some insurance policies require annual chimney inspection & cleaning.

This is a common requirement for homeowner’s insurance & many people don’t realize it until it is too late.

Most insurance companies will not cover damage caused by a fireplace or wood stove if you do not have proof that the chimney has been cleaned and inspected at least once a year.

Why should I get my chimney swept in the spring?

A spring cleaning and inspection will identify any problems early enough to make decisions and repairs before the next heating season begins. We prefer to clean the chimney before moisture from rain can mix with the soot and creosote to form acids that eat away at the chimney structure throughout the off season. This also eliminates the sour, acrid odour that the fireplace can have over the summer.

Also, it is easier to schedule an appointment around your time frame during the spring and summer, as we may be booked up for weeks in the fall with last minute appointments before the snow falls.

Is there any mess associated with a chimney sweep?

There will be no mess during or after the chimney sweep. Our technician employs a powerful vacuum with TRIPLE filtration for the job and uses a clean drop sheet for every situation.

For most homes, an annual chimney cleaning is a good place to start. Our technician will be able tell you whether you have gone too long between cleanings, and can recommend an appropriate schedule.

How often does my chimney require cleaning?

How often should chimneys and wood burning appliances be cleaned? The answer is not always simple and depends on several factors, including:

• How often you have a fire
• The quality of wood you are burning
• How well your chimney drafts

How do you know when there is a chimney fire?

Indications of a chimney fire have been described as creating:

  • loud cracking and popping noise
  • a lot of dense smoke
  • an intense, hot smell

Chimney fires can burn explosively – noisy and dramatic enough to be detected by neighbors or people passing by. Flames or dense smoke may shoot from the top of the chimney. Homeowners report being startled by a low rumbling sound that reminds them of a freight train or a low flying airplane. However, those are only the chimney fires you know about (csia.org).

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